Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jan 2009

Since I'm so far behind (it's too cold to blog) I'll just give a short review of the month so far.

We got back from vacation January 6th and I went back to work. Calder played lots of video games.

Not many days later it got cold. Really cold. One evening when I was leaving work my car looked like this...

Then the next morning it said this...

The next three days experienced sub-zero temperatures - from Tuesday morning to Friday it never got above zero. OUCH! We had this conversation Friday morning...

Calder: How cold is it today?
Ivy: High of 3
Calder: Positive?!
Ivy: Yeah
Calder: Awesome
Calder: It's really sad that I'm excited about a temperature of 3.


We got Rock Band (a Christmas present for me) and I'm a little obsessed. We both like the guitar best, but I can really only do it good if I'm standing up dancing around, or jumping on the couch. Super fun. Notice how hard I'm concentrating, like I said, I'm really into it.

School started on the 20th and it looks like we're going to have a busy semester. I have class until 8 on Monday and Wednesdays - Calder has class until 8 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We really only see each other in the morning and an hour before bed. It makes me really excited about weekends! I miss my man!

Tonight was my company Christmas party (I don't know why they do it a month after). They had it at Fogo de Chao downtown. It's a Brazilian steakhouse where they walk around with meat and keep serving you. There's a disk that you turn to green telling the waiters that you want more and red when you need a break. Delicious. We stuffed our faces. We ate, people drank, then we had dessert. Calder and I decided that since we weren't drinking we could get an extra dessert to make up for it.