Thursday, August 27, 2009

As promised...

The shower!
A few days after I got to Louisiana I had a baby shower - so much fun! It was perfect, tons of friends I haven't seen in a long time, delicious food, and lots of pink baby stuff. Here's some pictures...

I was so happy to have both of my grandmas there! 
The party planners - thanks again! Everything was so fun!
I LOVE the little hats and headbands with the huge flowers/bows. So cute on a little newborn's head!
Really cute (and surprprisingly super soft) Levi's outfit - jeans, shirt, and jean jacket.
Soft bear rug from my mom- These girls held it for the rest of the shower, it's too soft to put down.
Here's everything - look at all the pink!
Since we've used the extra bedroom as a storage room, and we don't really have anywhere else to put our 'stuff' (Calder uses that closet for his dress clothes and the dresser in there is filled with winter stuff and miscellaneous computer stuff) Anyway, he turned one of the bookshelves into a closet thing.
(I had a picture but my comptuer is apparently no longer reading SD cards, I'll figure it out later)
We took out one of the shelves and put a bar across to hang all the baby clothes. I'm trying to find some cute baskets/boxes to put everything else in. It looks really cute and nice to have everything accessable. 
Calder is a little sad to part with his books but I've assured him that he'll see them again someday, and he can always walk to down the hall to our storage room and look at them if he needs to.
I'm a little behind on posting belly shots... this was last week. Let's call it a 21 week picture. I feel so much bigger.
(what happened to the spell check button at the top?)

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Earlier this month we went to Louisiana for a week - so much fun!
We made Vegetable soup...
Hung out with friends
Had a baby shower (which will be a post of its own!)
Ate at Steamboat Bill's.
And had a birthday barbeque.

Monday, August 3, 2009

In case you haven't heard...

And she looks 100% healthy and weighs 8oz! The December 30th due date looks like it's right on. We're so excited!! Here's some pictures...

A profile...

More profiles...

Some bony little hands!

And a booty!

So cute! Now it's time to go shopping for girl stuff!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's time! Monday morning we go for our ultrasound! We're SO excited to know the gender of this little baby (and start buying things for it!) So let's hear it - what do you think we'll be having? I haven't decided yet if I'm going to tell on Monday when I find out or wait until Wednesday

Also - here's an 18 weeks belly picture taken last Wednesday. Getting big!

Calder got home last Sunday and we've been having so much fun! One day this week we went to a restaurant that we had a coupon for. It was good, not great, but in a Mexican neighborhood that we didn't know about. There were tons of shops and restaurants. We walked around for a while, bought some salsa at the super mercado and headed home. The salsa was DELICIOUS (I may or may not have eaten over half of it this afternoon). Today we went back to the area because we were in the mood for tacos. We had discussed going to taco bell then remembered about the "Taco Taxi" that we saw there (just a restaurant, don't know what's up with the taxi, but they did have a taxi... it said taco taxi... I don't know why a taco joint needs a taxi). We went there and there was a little festival outside celebrating one of the big markets 10th anniversary. Fun music, lots of people, yummy smelling food. The tacos were delicious, very authentic. The menu included things like tongue and cow head, which makes me feel a little sick. I don't like eating something that was in the same fridge as cow head meat. Ek. I got a plain jane beef taco.

Then we went to the library, target, Costco. Home to watch TV and read. I love having my husband back!