Saturday, March 20, 2010

Piper's new trick!

Look what Piper learned today! This is her second time - the first caught me by surprise! She hated tummy time - it looks like she figured out a solution!

Hopefully you can ignore the spitting up and then rolling in it. We're so proud!

I tried to get another good one (without puke)... here it is! She almost gave up halfway through.

I almost didn't post this because of the disaster of apartment in the background, but I decided to just explain (justify) instead. This past week was Calder's spring break and the company I worked for before Piper asked me to come back for the week and work on archiving some old projects. Of course I jumped at the chance to make a little extra money and having Calder experience staying home with the baby seemed wise. Poor Calder - she screamed all day every day. He spent almost the entire day (every day) on the elliptical with Piper in the sling. Any time she slept (which I hear wasn't much) he spent studying. So there - it was a terrible week and nothing got cleaned. (but I did enjoy my time away from home doing my own thing even though I missed my girl!)

She's started to coo and babble! It's so fun to have little conversations. I've had a hard time getting it on video since she usually stops and stares at the camera when I get it out but here's a little taste of the cuteness. Again, ignore the spit up! Eventually she'll grow out of it - we hope!

Friday, March 12, 2010

For the grandmas...

(and anyone else is is in love with Piper)

As always, ignore my annoying voice and focus on the cuteness.

Here's Piper dancing with her daddy... I promise her head wasn't bouncing around as much as it looks like it was.

This morning I just took some video of us playing, nothing special.

She usually HATES being on her tummy but now that she's a little stronger it's not so bad.

She loves herself already! Sorry for the quality here, it's fine on my computer. I tried to upload it again but it still wouldn't work.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A humble moment

I made three pairs of the cutest little leg warmers for Piper! They are ADORABLE stretched over her fat legs and make diaper change easier! They're also way cheaper than pants! I skipped my shower and lunch to do it - here's how.

Look at those fat little legs - I'm in love!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Our fun weekend


On Friday me and Piper went walking at the Mall of America with our new friends Amy and her baby Karina. We've talked to them a few times in the nursing room at Nordstrom's (our favorite hangout) and invited them to go walking - it was fun! It's amazing how long you can talk to a complete stranger about babies. Piper and Karina are the same age but Piper is 2 pounds bigger (and a little shorter!).

Friday night or friends Anthony and Stephanie and baby Nathaniel came over. The daddies went to the law school musical and the babies had a little play date. Nathaniel showed Piper how to use her rattle and loved to touch her face and hair. She didn't seem to mind at all! Thanks for playing with us!


We had a lazy Saturday. We played at home and did laundry. We planned to go on a walk since it was pretty outside but never got around to it. We did take a trip to Costco for diapers (and a few other things)

Piper did get to take a run on the elliptical with her daddy. She LOVES this and always falls asleep as soon as they get going. My favorite is how the holds on tight!


Piper was feisty at church! She was just not in the mood. We spent sacrament meeting in the mother's lounge nursing. We spent Sunday School standing in the back and then walking around the dark gym trying to get Piper to sleep. Calder tried to take her to Priesthood for the third hour so that I could stay in at least one meeting but she decided she was hungry. She fell asleep right when church ended and slept for three hours after we got home! 


We went to baby story time at the library! Piper was by far the littlest baby there but we had a great time reading stories and singing silly songs. We'll definitely be going back!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Springtime!

(or that's what we're calling it!)

These are our friends that we go walking with every week. We usually walk laps around the Mall of America but went outside this week (40 degrees!) It was SO nice to get outside and get some sunshine!

2 Months!

I can't believe my baby is two months old already - it's been so fun! 
Weight - 12lb 5oz (84%)
Height - 22-3/4” (63%)
Head – 15-1/4” (48%)
She's a big girl!

She's learning to stick her tongue out (we've been practicing)
When she's happy she is HAPPY! (And when she's mad she's MAD!)
Loves to snuggle. I love to bring her in my bed and snuggle in the morning.
Her hair gets crazy in the morning and after naps.
She used to sleep hours at night but has been having rough nights recently.
She's really into toys, especially on her jungle playmat. She'll lay there and smile!
She's so alert and interested in everything going on around her.

Click on it to make it bigger!

We put this toy in her hand every so often, it has a tiny handle and is easy to hold. She has no idea that it's there (or that she even has hands) but gets really confused when she drops it and her hand stops rattling. 

Sleepy Baby!