Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ok... you can't... although I wish I could say that my chubby belly is in any way related to this little baby. At 4 weeks he or she is smaller than a grain of rice and definately not showing!

I haven't gone to the doctor yet (other than the clinic at school to verify my two postitive home tests) so I don't have a known due date yet - but we're figuring end of December.

Apparently four weeks is a little early to spread the good news but we're both SO EXCITED there was no way we could keep it to ourselves!

I'm inviting any and all advice because I'm clueless! A friend of mine (who is expecting her first baby in July) gave me a "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book that I'm already obsessed with.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drink or Go Home!

After the Justice Thomas thing we went to the opera with some friends that Calder goes to school with. I've never been to an opera but have been trying to do some more 'grownup' things lately and wanted to give this a try. We saw The Barber of Seville at the Ordway Center. HOLY COW. I have never disliked anything more in my life. So.. definitely not an opera person. At intermission we were walking out and poor Calder thought we were done. His friend said something about how much he liked it and Calder was like, "Wait... is there something after." "This is intermission..." "OOHhhhhh....." We discussed for a minute and decided we needed to either start drinking (the drinks were expensive but since we haven't ever before it probably wouldn't take much) or get the deuce out of there. We went back in, explained to our friends that we just realized we really don't like the oprea, and left. Leaving something so expensive in the middle never felt so good! Here's a picture we took on our way out, it pretty much sums up our feelings on the opera. Never again but it was worth the try, now I know.

Since we were already in St. Paul I had Calder take me to Sonic. I'd been craving a Strawberry Limeade since I realized how close we were. It kinda made up for the lame hour and a half before :)

A Conversation with Justice Thomas

Finally something blogworthy! Sorry I've been so lame with updating but really, NOTHING has happened. I just can't bring myself to blog when all we do is go to school, work, come home and eat frozen pizza while watching Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, 24,or Dollhouse (or whatever else our TiVo has ready for us!)

This week Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was at the law school to visit with students, speak with some classes and give a presentation. I've been listening to his memoir in the car when I drive to work and really think he's a great guy. Calder got to meet and chat with him on Tuesday and I went over for his presentation on Wednesday. It was a question and answer format where the Dean of the Law School had gathered peoples questions on index cards and picked the best. Justice Thomas answered a few then started taking questions from the audience, which we thought was very commendable, especially at such a liberal school.

He was very interesting and VERY entertaining. I really enjoyed it! He made a lot of comments that I liked a lot. One of my favorites though, at the beginning he was asked what his hardest case was. He said that there wasn't one hardest but a category of hardest and those were the ones where his heart said one thing and the law said anther. The others where he wants to help the person but just doesn't have the authority.

I'd definitely recommend his book, My Grandfather's Son. I'm impressed at how he has become what he has having been born and raised in Savannah, Georgia during segregation. He is also against Affirmative Action because he believes that it is keeping blacks and minorities from really progressing, which I agree with.