Friday, April 30, 2010

Can you believe my baby is four months old today? I tried taking her pictures but she was in this kind of mood.
So I got a few while she was sleeping. There's nothing cuter than a sleepy baby anyway. And she has the sweetest lips!
And an intense double chin.

More 4 month pictures (hopefully) and stats coming soon!
Her hair is looking really scraggly again - any suggestions?

Calder is officially DONE with law school. He picked classes with no final exams this semester and he turned in his last assignment yesterday. We both took the day to hang out and relax - NO housework, NO laundry. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Busy Friday

This morning we went to school with Calder. He had his mock trial for his evidence class. He was a witness and wanted to use Piper as a sympathy plea to the jury. She was a great little actress (until she realized that class went past her naptime and wasn't thrilled about that) Luckily the law school has a GREAT little 'infant care' room with a rocking chair that we could hang out in.

After class was over Piper crashed on the way home. Since she needed a nap so bad (and I swear that's the only reason) I turned around and drove to Sonic in St. Paul for lunch and a diet strawberry limeade. I had one almost every day in Louisiana and was missing it. I might be in trouble when we move to Vegas and I have it close by again - happy hour every day!

We got home and snuggled for awhile before we went to a playdate with Piper's cute friend Elodie. They did tummy time together and Piper played with all Elodie's toys. We walked to the park and they played on the swings and slid down the slides (on mommy's lap of course).

(two chubby girls!)

We came home, Piper took a little nap and then daddy came home! Later we went back to their house for yummy Apple Spice Cake with homemade caramel sauce - delicious! We stayed late and watched the Transformers movie. Piper was so sleepy but was having a hard time dealing with not being at home. Brett had the magic touch and got her to sleep by bouncing her on the exercise ball, but in true Piper fashion she was wide awake after 20 minutes. It was so fun to hang out with other people - we get so caught up in school and baby that we forget to have lives. We're really going to miss them when we leave - it would be so fun to watch these girls grow up together!
Last Sunday I finally gave in and cut off Piper's tail. Since she was born she's had long hair in the back but once it got long enough to braid I decided it was time. I also cut it above her left ear - for some reason her hair was way longer on that side.

I cut it a little too short (and crooked) but it grows fast and looks better already! (And seriously, check out that chubby shoulder and tell me you don't want to kiss it)
It was a lot of hair for such a little baby...
After her first haircut she got her first shower
She wasn't sure what she thought of the shower at first, then decided she definitely did not like it. I think maybe we had the water too cold.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thursday Calder came home from school and said "go get ready, let's take a walk!" We have a cute little park only two blocks from our apartment that he had taken Piper to a few times the week I went to work. It was so nice to get outside and spend some family time together.

A nice lady offered to take a picture of all of us - I really wish I had more pictures with me in it. Piper loved the swing (no surprise there - she loves her swing at home!) It was so fun to play outside with her - she loves being outside. The only part she didn't like was getting back in her stroller to leave! After the park we walked to the grocery store to get some things that I forgot when I went the day before. It was further than I thought (I had never walked there...) but I enjoyed the evening away from the TV with my hubby.


I'm so behind and a little overwhelmed now at all the things I need to blog. Me and Piper went to visit Louisiana for two weeks. My mom was in town, Taylor was home from his mission, and Whitney came for her spring break. My grandma and Grandpa came down from Arkansas to hang out too! The flight was great (I just nursed Piper the whole time - hopefully the girl next to me didn't mind, I didn't really talk to her). When we got of the plane Piper was smiley smiley for a few minutes. It didn't last long.
The next day we got busy introducing Piper to everyone. (Click on it!)
Some highlights of the trip included...

Nana's bathtub

Being bossy on the trampoline (and no matter what do NOT stop bouncing)

Easter morning and her first visit from the Easter Bunny - he brought some clothes, puzzles, Winnie the Pooh DVD and bunny slippers. Piper HATED the peep we were so excited to giver her. She did enjoy watching General Conference from the Bumbo (for awhile)

Eating crawfish. I was SO excited to be in Louisiana for crawfish season! Unfortunately it turns out Piper isn't a big fan of crawfish and cried all night so no more for me :(

Meeting her great grandparents

Playing on the cute quilt that her great grandma made

Watching cartoons

Meeting friends

And sitting in her little red rocking great that her great PaPa passed down to her. We found a picture of me in the chair and are still looking for one of Nana in the chair!

(Do you think we take enough pictures of her?)