Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I'm so behind and a little overwhelmed now at all the things I need to blog. Me and Piper went to visit Louisiana for two weeks. My mom was in town, Taylor was home from his mission, and Whitney came for her spring break. My grandma and Grandpa came down from Arkansas to hang out too! The flight was great (I just nursed Piper the whole time - hopefully the girl next to me didn't mind, I didn't really talk to her). When we got of the plane Piper was smiley smiley for a few minutes. It didn't last long.
The next day we got busy introducing Piper to everyone. (Click on it!)
Some highlights of the trip included...

Nana's bathtub

Being bossy on the trampoline (and no matter what do NOT stop bouncing)

Easter morning and her first visit from the Easter Bunny - he brought some clothes, puzzles, Winnie the Pooh DVD and bunny slippers. Piper HATED the peep we were so excited to giver her. She did enjoy watching General Conference from the Bumbo (for awhile)

Eating crawfish. I was SO excited to be in Louisiana for crawfish season! Unfortunately it turns out Piper isn't a big fan of crawfish and cried all night so no more for me :(

Meeting her great grandparents

Playing on the cute quilt that her great grandma made

Watching cartoons

Meeting friends

And sitting in her little red rocking great that her great PaPa passed down to her. We found a picture of me in the chair and are still looking for one of Nana in the chair!

(Do you think we take enough pictures of her?)


vocalise said...

ALL so fun. I wish they had blogging while I was raising my little ones. What a great record. My favorites are her with her Great Grandparents and sitting in that little chair watching cartoons! Haha!

Christa said...

Um, I think that is HILARIOUS that your baby doesn't like crawfish. ;) [I'm sure once she's old enough to eat it herself she won't mind? Not if she's got any fraction of your genetics, anyway! =) ]