Saturday, March 20, 2010

Piper's new trick!

Look what Piper learned today! This is her second time - the first caught me by surprise! She hated tummy time - it looks like she figured out a solution!

Hopefully you can ignore the spitting up and then rolling in it. We're so proud!

I tried to get another good one (without puke)... here it is! She almost gave up halfway through.

I almost didn't post this because of the disaster of apartment in the background, but I decided to just explain (justify) instead. This past week was Calder's spring break and the company I worked for before Piper asked me to come back for the week and work on archiving some old projects. Of course I jumped at the chance to make a little extra money and having Calder experience staying home with the baby seemed wise. Poor Calder - she screamed all day every day. He spent almost the entire day (every day) on the elliptical with Piper in the sling. Any time she slept (which I hear wasn't much) he spent studying. So there - it was a terrible week and nothing got cleaned. (but I did enjoy my time away from home doing my own thing even though I missed my girl!)

She's started to coo and babble! It's so fun to have little conversations. I've had a hard time getting it on video since she usually stops and stares at the camera when I get it out but here's a little taste of the cuteness. Again, ignore the spit up! Eventually she'll grow out of it - we hope!


gwen said...

Yay, Piper! Way to roll!

Crystal said...

Wow! she's getting so big and strong to roll! I love the spit up - matthew would always be covered in his own spitup when he was learning to roll! I also love the playmat she's on - so fun! So a while ago you asked me about a baby sleep book - I read a couple but my favorite and the one that I fit me best was "Healthy sleep habits, happy child" by Marc Weissbluth. I've heard alot of people recommend it too! I started it with Matthew at 3 mths but my sisters all started it at 4 or even 5 mths. Anyway good luck! It's the hardest part of having a baby!