Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Big Announcement!

Calder has been applying and interviewing for jobs all over the place. Some places we wanted to live, some I'd have to bite my lip and deal with. Finally last Monday he got a call - a job! We celebrated with Papa Murphys Pizza and Cinnamon Wheel. It was our top pick. Any guesses?

Here are some hints...


(Really yummy fried jalapeƱos)

(Really tasty shakes)

(I'm such a nerd - but I'm so excited to visit this new bridge...WOW)

(I took this from your facebook... sorry Becca!)

Calder was offered (and obviously accepted) a two year federal clerkship position in Las Vegas! We're so excited to be moving back closer to his family and for this great opportunity for Calder. Since we'll be there for two years it also means I can finally finish school! He starts in late August so it's still a long time away - so nice to know where we're going next! It was definitely not out doing but the result of many many prayers. We're so excited!
Saturday I had a super fun baby shower hosted by Melissa and Tiffany.

It was a combined shower with another friend who's having a baby girl a week before me (or that's the plan.) She's going for an all natural 'non-medical' birth - I can't even imagine. That sounds really painful - I'm all about the drugs.

I'm posting pictures that are cuter of me - not necessarily my favorite things (but really, I loved everything!)

Cute clothes, books, sleek sack, blankets, grooming kit...

Boppy, baby carrier, washcloth

I asked Calder what his favorite thing was - the carrier because it's not pink.

Really neat diaper cake. It was a lot cuter before I picked it up and the stuff on the bottom fell off. I tried to put it back together but of course it wasn't the same. I don't want to take it apart, it looks so cute on the dresser.

And a present that I bought for myself at the craft fair to hang in her room.

It was so fun!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm officially in countdown mode - 2 months!!