Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday I had a super fun baby shower hosted by Melissa and Tiffany.

It was a combined shower with another friend who's having a baby girl a week before me (or that's the plan.) She's going for an all natural 'non-medical' birth - I can't even imagine. That sounds really painful - I'm all about the drugs.

I'm posting pictures that are cuter of me - not necessarily my favorite things (but really, I loved everything!)

Cute clothes, books, sleek sack, blankets, grooming kit...

Boppy, baby carrier, washcloth

I asked Calder what his favorite thing was - the carrier because it's not pink.

Really neat diaper cake. It was a lot cuter before I picked it up and the stuff on the bottom fell off. I tried to put it back together but of course it wasn't the same. I don't want to take it apart, it looks so cute on the dresser.

And a present that I bought for myself at the craft fair to hang in her room.

It was so fun!


gwen said...

Cute shower, cute stuff, cute friends! You are blessed. Can't wait to get there and get my hands on that baby girl!!! Tell her Nana's coming.....

June said...

Congratz...all the way from singapore...=)