Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Big Announcement!

Calder has been applying and interviewing for jobs all over the place. Some places we wanted to live, some I'd have to bite my lip and deal with. Finally last Monday he got a call - a job! We celebrated with Papa Murphys Pizza and Cinnamon Wheel. It was our top pick. Any guesses?

Here are some hints...


(Really yummy fried jalapeƱos)

(Really tasty shakes)

(I'm such a nerd - but I'm so excited to visit this new bridge...WOW)

(I took this from your facebook... sorry Becca!)

Calder was offered (and obviously accepted) a two year federal clerkship position in Las Vegas! We're so excited to be moving back closer to his family and for this great opportunity for Calder. Since we'll be there for two years it also means I can finally finish school! He starts in late August so it's still a long time away - so nice to know where we're going next! It was definitely not out doing but the result of many many prayers. We're so excited!


gwen said...

SO, SO, SO happy for you two. I know you are relieved! Love ya both!

Susan said...

Happy day, congratulations!!!

Be A Saint said...

Yeah, Calder, congratulations. That is so exciting. I am so happpy for you all. And how fun to be so close to family.

Grama Linda said...

Yea! We are so happy for you...a job, a GREAT job and you get to come to VEGAS! I am thrilled that we will get to see more of you two and little baby girl Huntington!!!

Mayce said...

I'm so happy for you guys. And now you will actually be close enough that I can come and visit! I'm hoping you guys will be there this summer and Ethan will get an internship there so I can play with the baby!

MaryRuth said...

Hoooooray! That's soo exciting!