Saturday, December 5, 2009

I love my Christmas tree! It's a little bigger than I would have picked, I think, but for some reason there weren't many to choose from - I could either get teeny tiny or big. It's fine - I love it!

The presents are for baby. Calder thought it was silly, since she won't be able to unwrap them or even play with the toys, but I didn't want her to be left out of Christmas if she comes early. and we can save them for her if she comes after Christmas. I'll unwrap them - it'll be fun.

They say "To: Piper Elizabeth" - it's so much fun to have a name picked out!

I also got this out.

Calder just studied  - 1 week until finals. He did help pick out the tree and set it up straight.

The tree from the couch.
Ignore the mess.

After the tree was decorated and the nativity out, the tree parts vacuumed up and the boxes put up, I remembered that it's been awhile since I took a picture of me.

I tried to take one of myself but I didn't think it really showed my 'baby bump'

There it is! Calder took this picture then giggled and said "you're so big!"
Ignore the double chin.
And yes, I know my shirt is too small. What do you do when maternity clothes don't fit anymore? I usually wear Calder's sweatshirts.
25 days until due date!


The Mabiles said...

I know I always comment... but that is a super cute name :)

Susan said...

Oh, I thought she was Harley, but I like Piper too. :)

MaryRuth said...

Ivy you look soooooooo cute!!! You're absolutely adorable!!