Thursday, December 31, 2009

Piper is Here!

Piper Elizabeth Huntington
8 lbs, 1 oz
21 inches
December 30, 2009
9:24 pm

Welcome to our family!  We love you so much already!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I love my Christmas tree! It's a little bigger than I would have picked, I think, but for some reason there weren't many to choose from - I could either get teeny tiny or big. It's fine - I love it!

The presents are for baby. Calder thought it was silly, since she won't be able to unwrap them or even play with the toys, but I didn't want her to be left out of Christmas if she comes early. and we can save them for her if she comes after Christmas. I'll unwrap them - it'll be fun.

They say "To: Piper Elizabeth" - it's so much fun to have a name picked out!

I also got this out.

Calder just studied  - 1 week until finals. He did help pick out the tree and set it up straight.

The tree from the couch.
Ignore the mess.

After the tree was decorated and the nativity out, the tree parts vacuumed up and the boxes put up, I remembered that it's been awhile since I took a picture of me.

I tried to take one of myself but I didn't think it really showed my 'baby bump'

There it is! Calder took this picture then giggled and said "you're so big!"
Ignore the double chin.
And yes, I know my shirt is too small. What do you do when maternity clothes don't fit anymore? I usually wear Calder's sweatshirts.
25 days until due date!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Big Announcement!

Calder has been applying and interviewing for jobs all over the place. Some places we wanted to live, some I'd have to bite my lip and deal with. Finally last Monday he got a call - a job! We celebrated with Papa Murphys Pizza and Cinnamon Wheel. It was our top pick. Any guesses?

Here are some hints...


(Really yummy fried jalapeƱos)

(Really tasty shakes)

(I'm such a nerd - but I'm so excited to visit this new bridge...WOW)

(I took this from your facebook... sorry Becca!)

Calder was offered (and obviously accepted) a two year federal clerkship position in Las Vegas! We're so excited to be moving back closer to his family and for this great opportunity for Calder. Since we'll be there for two years it also means I can finally finish school! He starts in late August so it's still a long time away - so nice to know where we're going next! It was definitely not out doing but the result of many many prayers. We're so excited!
Saturday I had a super fun baby shower hosted by Melissa and Tiffany.

It was a combined shower with another friend who's having a baby girl a week before me (or that's the plan.) She's going for an all natural 'non-medical' birth - I can't even imagine. That sounds really painful - I'm all about the drugs.

I'm posting pictures that are cuter of me - not necessarily my favorite things (but really, I loved everything!)

Cute clothes, books, sleek sack, blankets, grooming kit...

Boppy, baby carrier, washcloth

I asked Calder what his favorite thing was - the carrier because it's not pink.

Really neat diaper cake. It was a lot cuter before I picked it up and the stuff on the bottom fell off. I tried to put it back together but of course it wasn't the same. I don't want to take it apart, it looks so cute on the dresser.

And a present that I bought for myself at the craft fair to hang in her room.

It was so fun!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm officially in countdown mode - 2 months!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I spent all Saturday baking and finishing my Halloween costume. I've been really into baking cute festive treats lately and I've been excited all week about making these. I got the idea from here. They didn't come out as cute as hers (they never do) but were a HUGE hit at the ward Halloween party. They were cute and delicious. The actual pumpkin pie part wasn't my favorite (but really good), probably my fault somehow since they didn't look as orange as hers. Next time I'll find a new recipe for the filling. I also made tiny pecan pies, the same as the pumpkin but without the stem. I used this recipe and they were AMAZING. Next time I'll do those exactly the same! I'm so bummed I didn't get a picture of those cute little things. I brought all the pumpkin and pecan pies to the ward Halloween Party/Chili Cook-off last night, I brought at least 50 and they were gone so fast. Really, like gone in 5 minutes. Next time keep lots at home for myself - I can't wait to make these again!

And here's our costume! A bun in the oven - I thought it was pretty cute. We won most creative :). Calder did have an apron later on in the night - we didn't have one so we had to borrow.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thoughts for Today

  1. Yesterday we left church early because I was feeling sick. Kind of like "It's so hot in here I might pass out and die" kind of sick. Nevermind that half of the ward was still wearing coats inside. So we went home and I laid down to take a short nap. I came back out in the living room a little later and Calder was sitting on the couch in sweats and a big hoodie bundled up in blankets. He had opened the door so I wouldn't be hot when I came out. It was perfect. I love him.
  2. It's snowing today. Big fat fluffly wet snow. If it were November 12, it'd be thrilled and think it's lovely. Since it's October 12, I'm a little grumpy about it. It's way to early to have to brush wet sludge off the car. Merry Christmas. (It is pretty, but the kind of pretty I like to see much later in the season) I took a picture, I'll try to remember to add it later.
  3. I absolutely must learn how to sew. ASAP. I found this site and I want everything. Can I please sew ruffles on the booty of every one of my little girl's onesies? And she probably needs lots of those cute scarf leg warmers. Anyone want to teach me? Maybe if I had a sewing machine, and space for a sewing machine, and wasn't working and going to school, I'd be doing this already. It all looks so easy and cute!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

11 weeks. 4 days.

Only 11 more weeks until the baby comes!

 We're getting so excited! I love to watch loud action movies now because she goes a little bit crazy when there's an explosion. And I have been craving rice krispy treats.

I haven't blogged much because really, there's nothing to say. We go to school (I finally bought a rolling backpack. I look awesome.) I go to work. We come home and watch TV.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Belly! Here's a 24 week 1 day picture. Gigantic!
This morning I was painting my toenails and was just shocked at what an ordeal it was. Really, remember when I could just put my foot on the floor and lean forward? It's uncomforatable now.
I still feel great, just tired. And hungry all the time! I've mostly given up on all clothes not maternity, which has been a little sad for me. I can still get into most of my normal pants (unbuttoned of course) but I'm scard that I'm going to bust the seams in the booty!
School started this week and I felt a little like a freak show walking through campus. I'm only taking 13 credits and one is an online General Biology class that I'm hoping to finish up a little early. My last final is a week and a day before my due date which makes me really nervous - I hope they would help me out somehow if baby girl decides to come early.
I love sitting in class and feeling little kicks in my belly. The baby doesn't move much yet, it's still really subtle and I usually only notice when I'm laying really still at just the right time. Calder still hasn't felt it but I make him put his hand on my stomach every time she gets going.
I went to a party last week and one girl there said she was SIX MONTHS pregnant. Turns out she's due the day after me! Can you believe I'm in my SIXTH month already?!
My ward is going to be full of new baby girls. One is due late this month (or next, I'm not sure), one December 22, and me on December 30. So fun!
Seriously, where is the spellcheck on blogger now?
While Calder's mom was here she helped us get seriously organized. It was great to have another person's perspective in our tiny apartment.

(Ignore Calder's huge box of gross NutriSystem food)
She moved our loveseat into the baby's room which I NEVER would have thought to do, but I love. We also got a stroller/carseat combo and playard.
It feel so good to have these thigns out of the way. School ends about a week before baby's due (I know - I'm really cutting it close!) so we're not going to have much time later to be doing much. We still need plenty but it's nice to have the big stuff taken care of.
Thanks for EVERYTHING!

State Fair

I LOVE the State Fair! This year Calder's mom was in town and went with us. My favorite part is the Miracle of Life Birth Center which was pretty lame when we went. We were there the first weekend and only a few babies (some lambs and pigs) were born. Lots of preganant animals but not many babies!
The food was great (as always) and the weather was perfect. Good times!
I'll just post pictures... no explanations needed really.

I couldn't help but post these cute little piggies with their wrinkly snouts!

Twins Game

Each year my compnay gets tickets to the Twins game - each employee gets to go to a game and they use the rest for clients. I LOVE going to games - even if I don't like the sport there's something about the food and atmosphere that I really enjoy.

I walked all the way around the stadium to find the perfect nachos, but couldn't really enjoy them because of the two cute kids glaring at the the entire time I ate them. I felt like such a jerk-face eating delicious food when they didn't have any! I had bought cracker jacks too, but didn't eat them unil the kids left.

Cracker Jacks aren't nearly as delicious as I remembered. They were pretty gross actually.
Calder had a super long hot dog.
The seats were great and it was a good game. It came down to the last inning and we won!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

As promised...

The shower!
A few days after I got to Louisiana I had a baby shower - so much fun! It was perfect, tons of friends I haven't seen in a long time, delicious food, and lots of pink baby stuff. Here's some pictures...

I was so happy to have both of my grandmas there! 
The party planners - thanks again! Everything was so fun!
I LOVE the little hats and headbands with the huge flowers/bows. So cute on a little newborn's head!
Really cute (and surprprisingly super soft) Levi's outfit - jeans, shirt, and jean jacket.
Soft bear rug from my mom- These girls held it for the rest of the shower, it's too soft to put down.
Here's everything - look at all the pink!
Since we've used the extra bedroom as a storage room, and we don't really have anywhere else to put our 'stuff' (Calder uses that closet for his dress clothes and the dresser in there is filled with winter stuff and miscellaneous computer stuff) Anyway, he turned one of the bookshelves into a closet thing.
(I had a picture but my comptuer is apparently no longer reading SD cards, I'll figure it out later)
We took out one of the shelves and put a bar across to hang all the baby clothes. I'm trying to find some cute baskets/boxes to put everything else in. It looks really cute and nice to have everything accessable. 
Calder is a little sad to part with his books but I've assured him that he'll see them again someday, and he can always walk to down the hall to our storage room and look at them if he needs to.
I'm a little behind on posting belly shots... this was last week. Let's call it a 21 week picture. I feel so much bigger.
(what happened to the spell check button at the top?)