Thursday, September 10, 2009

Twins Game

Each year my compnay gets tickets to the Twins game - each employee gets to go to a game and they use the rest for clients. I LOVE going to games - even if I don't like the sport there's something about the food and atmosphere that I really enjoy.

I walked all the way around the stadium to find the perfect nachos, but couldn't really enjoy them because of the two cute kids glaring at the the entire time I ate them. I felt like such a jerk-face eating delicious food when they didn't have any! I had bought cracker jacks too, but didn't eat them unil the kids left.

Cracker Jacks aren't nearly as delicious as I remembered. They were pretty gross actually.
Calder had a super long hot dog.
The seats were great and it was a good game. It came down to the last inning and we won!

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