Monday, October 12, 2009

Thoughts for Today

  1. Yesterday we left church early because I was feeling sick. Kind of like "It's so hot in here I might pass out and die" kind of sick. Nevermind that half of the ward was still wearing coats inside. So we went home and I laid down to take a short nap. I came back out in the living room a little later and Calder was sitting on the couch in sweats and a big hoodie bundled up in blankets. He had opened the door so I wouldn't be hot when I came out. It was perfect. I love him.
  2. It's snowing today. Big fat fluffly wet snow. If it were November 12, it'd be thrilled and think it's lovely. Since it's October 12, I'm a little grumpy about it. It's way to early to have to brush wet sludge off the car. Merry Christmas. (It is pretty, but the kind of pretty I like to see much later in the season) I took a picture, I'll try to remember to add it later.
  3. I absolutely must learn how to sew. ASAP. I found this site and I want everything. Can I please sew ruffles on the booty of every one of my little girl's onesies? And she probably needs lots of those cute scarf leg warmers. Anyone want to teach me? Maybe if I had a sewing machine, and space for a sewing machine, and wasn't working and going to school, I'd be doing this already. It all looks so easy and cute!

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