Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More Nothings

We've been loving watermelon lately! This is what's left of our second one so far this summer. I actually had watermelon for lunch Sunday and Calder had it (with a cookie and a brownie) for dinner tonight. It's not the most filling food, but it sure is delicious!

To my excitement, I found some tomatoes growing on our plant! We gave up on the poor hail storm survivor plants and bought a new, more grown up, tomato plant from costco. I wanted to taste one, but decided it would be best to let the grow a little longer.

This is one of our favorite dinners. I know, it looks terrible. It actually tastes WAY better than it looks and is super easy to make. We have this probably once a week. It's as simple as throwing some things in a rice cooker and waiting.

Rice Cooker Cabbage

1 lb. seasoned ground round or chuck
1 med. Onion
1 bell pepper
1 can Ro-Tel tomatoes and juice
1 c. rice (I like wild rice)
1 c. water
1 head cabbage, chopped (sometimes it doesn't all fit)
Season to taste

Layer in rice cooker as listed. Push to cook rice. It's usually not done and needs to be cooked a little longer.


gwen said...

The watermelon looks good. I've finally learned to eat it without salt! Congrats on the tomatoes!

Carolina girl said...

Johnice always makes that cabbage dish for New Year's Day and I love it! It doesn't look or sound good, but it is so yummy! I've eaten half a watermelon all by myself in the last three days. LOVE IT!

emily paige said...

Nothing beats homegrown tomatoes!! We are waiting on ours to get ripe too. :-)

MaryRuth said...

The cabbage stuff sounds so good!

Dumb question though... do you cook the meat before you put it in the rice cooker?

Ivy said...

Don't cook it - you do have to break it up into little chunks though. We like to use the extra lean ground beef so there's not as much fat!

Blevins said...

Hello! This is karrin Blevins.. aka Karrin Messersmith! I have never got the pleasure to meet you IVy but calder became a pretty good friend to me back in my utah days! I love your blog.. prob one of the best I have come across. You guys look absolutly perfet for one another. He def me the girl he always described as the girl of his dreams! :) Thanks for letting me peek. We have a blog.. not nearly as good as yours!! its jkwblevins... Take care.