Sunday, August 24, 2008

End of Summer Celebrations!

We took these past few weeks to have tons of fun before school starts up September 2. Both of our jobs have offered to let us stay part-time during the school year, so we're not going to have much time to do the things that we'd like to when that starts up.

Earlier this month Calder's parents came to visit for a week. We had a great time! Some of the highlights included seeing Mama Mia (Which I LOVED and am so glad we went - Calder never would have taken me otherwise), a delicious birthday dinner at Zelo (Thanks Grandma Hyer!!), a bus tour of the twin cities, and some time at the Mall of America. Ric also helped Calder install some lights in our living room so we can read at night now (Thanks!). I didn't take many picures, but here's some at Minnehaha Falls, a stop on the bus tour.

We had such a fun time with them!

A few days after they left, I had my company's tickets to a Twins game and we invited our friends Jason and Allison to come with us. We won, but it was a pretty fast game. Of course, the most important part of the baseball game is the ballpark food! Calder got a HUGE hotdog and I walked halfway across the dome to find some delicious nachos, which didn't disappoint. I didn't get the cracker jacks I was so looking forward to because the game was almost over by the time I finished the nachos :(

Early the next morning we left for Louisiana! The night before our wedding, we ate at a Mexican restaurant called Los Cucos and it was the best food we'd ever eaten, no lie. So we've really been looking forward to going back, which we did first thing after flying into Houston, and it didn't disappoint! It was so good we wen't back again when we were flying back home. Excuse the terrible picture of me.

Of course we went to the Creole Nature Trail hoping to see some gators. We saw some babies in the beginning, but nothing else the whole way around. When we got back around to the babies, we attempted to lure out the mama with a Fiber One bar. We never did see the mama gator, but we did lure out some more babies!

And of course we ate at Steamboat Bills!

And we went fishing! I haven't gone fishing in years, but luckily I have a great dad that would put the worms on my hook and take off the fish (I caught 10 but they were all tiny). Most of these pictures were on my mom's camera so I don't have them :(

We did a lot of other fun things - but that's everything I have pictures for!


gwen said...

Great post and pictures! It was so fun to have y'all here. I'll add the rest of the river pics to my shutterfly and you can get them from there. How's that?

be a saint said...

What a fun summer! You are going to have to pay this fall for having so much fun. Love the pics of the camp. It makes it look like such a fun place! It was so great to see you both.

emily paige said...

I saw your mom on Saturday at stake conference! Next time we'll have to coordinate our trips home so we can hang out. :-)