Saturday, September 20, 2008

Since my mom linked to my blog today - I figured I'd better update! We've been busy busy busy and it doesn't look like it's going to calm down anytime soon. I'm sill working part time at Encompass and going to school in the afternoons and evenings. Calder's back in school too, as well as traveling around interviewing for summer jobs for next year. Generally the firm/company where you work the summer after your second year offers you a job after graduation, so it's a pretty big decision. So far he's been to Delaware and he's in Phoenix right now. He still has Dallas and some here left. I've been trying and failing to find time to do things like clean the apartment and enjoy myself. Some things I've just given up on, like folding clothes. Since school started, we've been grabbing clothes out of a basket of clean laundry that sits in the hallway. I wash every Sunday, hang up the stuff that will wrinkle, and everything else just sits there. Dishes pretty much sit in the sink until a weekend.

Here's a few thoughts on school:
1. I miss the BYU dress code. Some things I'd rather not see.
2. Everyone is really early to classes here. If I show up 5 minutes before class starts, it's hard to find a good seat and I actually feel like I'm late.
3. Nobody uses laptops in class. In some large classes, I'm the only one with my computer open. Super weird. I've actually seen people pull them out to look something up, then put it back in their backpack. So I guess people have them - just don't take notes on them?
4. People smoke here. Something I never thought about not seeing at BYU.

I am really enjoying being back in school - and it hasn't been too bad so far since I'm really excited to be there.

In my 'spare time' - I've been making thank you cards for Calder to send to his interviewers - look how cute!


gwen said...

Yes, sir, that's my girl! The cards are super adorable..... He'll get a great offer because of one of them, I'm sure.

Amilyn & Brandon said...

Those are so cute!!! Talk about some talent!

Carolina girl said...

I LOVE the cards! You are so creative!

be a saint said...

The card are really cute. I am positive they will get him the job that is perfect. The letter on the first one on the second row I recognize from many, many of your mom's pages!! Love it!

MaryRuth said...

Move to Dallas!

The cards are SOOOOO cute!!! I'd hire you guys just on the cards alone!