Monday, January 18, 2010

19 Things About Our 19 Day Old

  1. We love the sound she makes after she sneezes. SNEEZE SNEEZE SNEEZE AAHHHHH. I'm so disappointed when she sneezes without making the sound.
  2. She's so relaxed when we give her a bath. She'd sit there all day and hates when it's over.
  3. She likes the swing on as fast as it goes. Sometimes that's not good enough and we have to push it higher.
  4. LOVES jungle sounds - on her swing and bed and jungle playmat.
  5. LOVES to eat. She's all about the milk.
  6. She's very snuggly. We still argue over who gets to hold her. 
  7. She doesn't like to be left out of anything. Somehow she knows when we're starting to eat and is suddenly so hungry she can't stand it. My eating is postponed.
  8. Squeaky. She makes the cutest little noises all night. About half the times I get up to feed her at night I bring her in the living room to realize she's still sound asleep when I thought she was making waking up noises. It's fine, we cuddle on the couch until she starts to wake up for real.
  9. Loves the monkey mobile on her bed. 
  10. Loves being read to - our favorites are Goodnight Moon and The Going to Bed Book.
  11. Makes funny faces - sometimes she looks like an old lady. Sometimes she looks like a turtle.
  12. Nicknames are: Pipsqueak, squeaker, squeaky, Pipes, Bagpipes, Polywog, Chumba, Chubs, Pied Piper, Punk, Poopstar, Big Pooper, Milky, Milk face, Milk breath, Squishy face, Squishy, Gulpy plus some more!
  13. She's a loud eater and an all-star burper.
  14. If you hold her up when she's asleep her arms will flop down at her sides but she'll hold her legs straight out.
  15. Eats a ton from 9-11ish then will usually get through the night in two 4-5 hour stretches. 
  16. Sleeps a ton (except when we want her to. It's so hard to get her to sleep after her middle of the night meal)
  17. Has been shopping at the mall, Target and Joanns. Has eaten at Chili's and Timberlodge Steakhouse. She visited Encompass and went to see the Blind Side. And slept through ALL OF IT!
  18. She's not very patient. Wakes up and demands to be fed immediately. 
  19. She gets thousands of kisses every day. We love our squishy face!


Be A Saint said...

Oh, Ivy, how cute. She is adorable and I love all the nicknames. I know you both are so happy with her.

gwen said...

Oh my gosh, Ivy, she looks EXACTLY like you did as a baby in this picture. That is amazing!

Susan said...

I love all the little baby noises...enjoy that while she's tiny. She's a cutey!