Monday, February 8, 2010

Blessing Day

This morning we blessed Piper in church. It was a beautiful day.

You'd think I was asking Calder to run a marathon with the reaction I got when I made him scoot the table out of the way to take this picture. Of course we have to take a family picture at the church.
Her Grandma Mary made this beautiful dress out of the lace from her wedding dress. The dress was huge on her (she looked so big in all the pictures!) but we got it all pinned up with safety pins and added some ribbon left over from her Aunt Mayce's wedding. Piper looked like a princess!
We got up early and left from church at 8:30. We got there and got Piper all dressed up and ready. I fed her one last time hoping that she'd stay in a good mood.
As soon as we heard church starting we hurried up and went into the chapel. Just a few minutes until it was time for the blessing. Her daddy blessed her that she would be able to recognize light from darkness, be obedient to the words of her Heavenly Father and have knowledge of Him, and recognize her great heritage - among other things. It was a short but very sweet blessing.
Piper did great and did not cry at all. She looked like a little angel when her daddy carried her up to the front. 
Then after she was so good for all of sacrament meeting. She was wide awake and staring at daddy for a long time before she fell asleep in grandma's arms. She slept there all through Sunday School and half of Relief Society.
We were sad that her Grandpa Ric was sick and had to go back to the hotel after Sacrament. But we were so happy that he was able to make it to hear the blessing.
Everyone loved her pretty dress.
After church we came home and took tons of pictures. About 200 (you know... just to make sure we got some good ones). Piper was a good sport, only a few tears. I think she'll appreciate it when she's older.
Later Grandma and Grandpa came back over and we watched the Super Bowl. Go Saints!
Then she got a bath and went to bed. She gets a bath every night. Partly because it calms her down and helps her get to sleep. Mostly because I love snuggling with a clean, wet, lavender smelling baby.

(Is it just me or do I have the prettiest baby ever?)


Be A Saint said...

You do have a beautiful baby, Ivy. We can't wait to see her. And tell Grandma Mary what a wonderful thought to have the dress made out of her wedding dress. What a beautiful thought. I love the pictures. She is amazing.

gwen said...

The Cuteness is BLINDING!!!! These are adorable. I CAN NOT wait to see her again next month. Tell her Nana loves her tons!

vocalise said...

Truly beautiful. Great pictorial memory. That little face....oh! What a great idea to make the dress from the other dress. Calder was right on with the blessing...we all need that help.

Susan said...

She's just a doll! Love the blessing dress!!!

Grama Linda said...

She looks like a pretty little angel. Her dress is so beautiful. Grandma Mary did a wonderful job and how cool that Piper will always know that her blessing dress was made from Grandma Mary's wedding dress. I love it.