Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I finally got it together and uploaded some videos.

Before you get to see what you really came here for you get a quick little recap of how we’re doing here in Vegas.

  • We go swimming All.The.Time. Almost everyday. So many people have been so nice to let us come over and play in their pool. And we have a fun little pool/waterpark two minutes from the house.
  • Piper is loving all the attention she gets here. So many hugs and kisses!
  • Yesterday we went to visit my old roommate Crystal and her cute boy Matthew. It was so fun to catch up and I’m so glad to have them close.
  • I’ve gotten to know a few young families in the ward. It’s hard since I’m only in this ward for the summer but it’s nice to have people to get together with. There are a few other families with babies.
  • I’m finally starting to know my way around. Lucky for me Vegas is a grid so I only need to know a few main streets.
  • Really, we’re good. Just hanging out and playing.

Here’s babe’s first taste of real food. Rice cereal, and she loved it as long as she was in control of the spoon. In fact, she’s still not a huge fan of being spoon fed. She’d much rather do it herself. I got some little crackers that I can just put on her highchair and she likes eating that way much better. I still only feed her about once a day because she only eats a few bites no matter what it is. *(And I have to say – you don’t have to watch the whole thing, nothing exciting happens. Calder isn’t very good at knowing when to stop.)

See the date on this? May 21. Only a few days after we moved, so go ahead and ignore the disaster in the background and enjoy the cuteness.

Baby giggles – no explanation needed!

Stay tuned – there’s one more from yesterday but it didn’t format correctly so it’s taking a really long time to upload. I’ll be up soon though!

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