Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hurricane Ivy?

I usually try to keep my blog positive and free of complaining and whining, but I've had this incredible bad luck streak these past few weeks and it is actually starting to by funny. Here it goes (some of my days might be off a little...)

• Sunday - rolled over and smashed the end of the printer cable with chair so we had to print everything at school for a week until we got a new one
• Monday - Spilled water bottle in my purse - Everything was ok, Calder pulled the car over so I could dump it out...
• Tuesday - Dropped and broke laptop - Luckily Calder had accident protection on it so it's at Dell getting fixed now.
• Skip ahead a week…
• Wednesday – Mixed up the time for my Chemistry test and missed it completely - The professor is giving me an excused absence so no real harm done
• Thursday – Desktop computer (which only I use) mysteriously wouldn’t turn on - This isn’t my fault, but it was just one more thing wrong. Calder said it’s something about a power supply
• Friday – On our way to a nice relaxing dinner Calder asked for his credit card that I used for gas on Tuesday.- Looked everywhere, haven’t seen it since Tuesday

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