Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1. I like to study in the law school - it's more serious.

2. Calder studied at school Sunday and I stayed home and cleaned and watched Lifetime Christmas movies. I loved it.

3. I really like the Atkins Advantage vanilla shakes.

4. I'm not putting up Christmas decorations at all this year. I won't notice them at all during finals and we're leaving right after.

5. I didn't go to work today so that I could study for my two tests today. Now I'm blogging.

6. We bought a TV on Black Friday.

7. We got massages last night - found a massage school about 20 minutes away - $20 for a one hour massage.

8. Also got pizza last night. I bought a coupon book for $20 a few months ago with buy one get one deals for places all over the twin cities. We use it all the time and are trying to find where to buy one for next year.

9. We eat out a lot, but always have coupons. Love this website.

10. So excited for finals to be finished - a break and a vacation.

11. I'll have a double commute next semester. School in the morning (15 minutes from home), work (30 minutes away from school), then school at night. I'll do this at least two days a week, maybe three. I'm happy that I have a job and that I can go to school.

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