Monday, December 29, 2008

My Favorite Time of Year!

I've been having way too much fun to blog! For Christmas this year we're in Las Vegas visiting Calder's family and it's been busy busy busy since we flew in last Saturday. Warning: REALLY long post to follow.

Sunday night was the big Christmas party. Tons of family and close friends came over for some delicious food. It was really fun to see everyone and get to know some people a bit better. I discovered Calder is really bad at introducing me to people - several times I was standing next to him when he started a conversation with someone I had never met before - and just left me standing there! He has gotten better. Unfortunately I didn't pull my camera out for this event :(

Christmas Eve we went over to Calder's aunt and uncle's house for Christmas dinner. We had the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry deliciousness. After dinner we played a fun game of Christmas Bingo (I love anything 10x more if it has the word Christmas in front of it) and Aunt Catherine read us all a cute Christmas story. Again with the no pictures - sorry!

Christmas day is a day that I'm used to spending hanging out and relaxing - this year it was busy and fun filled all day long!

Christmas morning - we slept until 9ish and got up to open presents. It was so nice to not have any kids around to wake up super early. We got lots of great presents including a beautiful nativity set from Calder's parent's recent trip to Israel, Turkey, etc. Also I can say that being in a jewelry family pays off and we're anxiously awaiting going home and playing with our Playstation 3 (a combined gift from my parents and his). I did get some fun pictues here. We were going to a brunch and Calder's grandmas house right after so we didn't have any gross Christmas morning pictures.

An Obama book for the family liberal

Zoe in the cute "Santa's Little Helper shirt" we got her

The fam

The pre-opening

Next was breakfast at grandma's house! More delicious food. We also watched a really nice slideshow of family pictures throughout the years. I really like things like that - I'll have to get a copy. It was fun to watch Calder evolve from a cute happy kid, to a big grump, to happy again.

After brunch we went over to Calder's Aunt Linda's house for Christmas dinner with the Huntington side of the family. More delicious food (are you seeing a theme here?) Highlights included a super cute reenactment of the nativity story and some pretty Christmas music. I also got to meet a few family members that I hadn't met yet, so that was nice.

Saturday we woke up and took a family trip to the temple and had dinner at a yummy mexican restaurant.

Sunday was Coulson's mission farwell. He's preparing to serve in the Lima Peru mission. He goes into the MTC late January but was kind enough to have his farewell a few weeks early so that we could all be there! He gave a great talk and we enjoyed more hanging out with family and friends.

And that brings us up to today! We're here until January 6 and have lots more fun things planned!


Susan said...

Not sure who is holding the Barack book, but I guess there's one in every family...

Looks like you're having a ball. Cute new blog layout too! :)

Be A Saint said...

Love the "family liberal". He seems really comfortable with his role in the family. It's a good thing. Love the update. Sounds like you haven't had time to miss your family like we sure have!! Good for you.