Saturday, February 21, 2009

Check Yes or No

(If you're reading this from Google Reader or similar - go check it out on my real blog - I've added some background music that's vital to the following story)

Here it goes

Thursday after my Probability Concepts in Civil Engineering class as I was getting up to leave, the guy sitting to my left handed me a note and said awkwardly "This is for you."

I become immediately curious, take the note and start reading.

"You probably think this is really weird but I think you're really cute..."
HOLD UP! This is the part I regret. I didn't read the rest of the note. My eyes skipped to the bottom and focused on three boxes.
Box 1: Yes let's get together sometime (or something to that effect)
Box 2: No, this is pathetic
Box 3: No for some other reason ___________

Why didn't I read the rest of the note - it was about four lines long. Hopefully it offered some information as to why he is doing this in a note and not talking to me like is the custom after third grade.

Meanwhile guy sitting next to me was standing there watching me read his heartfelt note that I was staring at with amazement.

Then he hands me a pencil. You know, to check a box.

I checked box three and wrote in the blank "MARRIED!"

I hand him the note, he looks at the response, nods, and says ok. Then he says, "Well, thanks for not putting that I'm pathetic."

Me: "...Sorry"

You probably have a lot of questions about this guy. Well, I can't answer them. I was so taken aback by the awkwardness of the situation that I didn't even get a good look at him. I can tell you however that he was normal looking, no mole, no abundance of pimples. He was also dressed normal.

So now I'm feeling pretty sorry for this guy. True, we all got a good laugh about it at work, then at home, but I can't help but feel a little embarrassed for him. Honestly? A note? With boxes?

I was sitting there before he got to class, so maybe this was all planned out ahead of time and he got lucky with there being an open seat by me. Maybe he even had the note prepared before class. Maybe he wrote the note during class (I really wasn't paying him any attention.)

So now he has to be in class with me, twice a week this year, probably more in later semesters, and will never forget that he wrote me a "check yes or no" note and will probably feel like an idiot for a good long time.

The sad part? I don't remember what he looks like and never knew his name. Maybe I'll never know who it was. Maybe I'll recognize him on Tuesday.

With any luck he'll write me another note.

Now let's hope he doesn't Google my name and find this awesome blog.


gwen said...

The song won't play....but I hummed it to myself! That is the funniest thing ever...poor guy as probably worked up to that all semester!

Jen and Chris said...

Ivy, well at least he was respectful of the fact that you were married. Recently at work I had a patient tell another nurse that I was "hot." When the nurse told him that I was married, he said,"well that is what divorce is for." I was so mad.

Jen Scott said...

It is hard being cute, isn't it!?? I can't believe he wrote you a note. That is so old school, and he was in college. that guys has some serious social issues. :) What if you weren't married? Would you have check yes, cause I think I would have checked... I don't date third graders.