Saturday, February 21, 2009

Look what I found in Minnesota!

I'm so excited! I started to get a little sad that I didn't have different flavors to choose from (I'm assuming it's just plain) but then I remembered - this is a miracle!

I also found some really tasty spicy sausage that I'm planning on making jambalaya with on Tuesday (the king cake isn't going to last that long). Does anyone have a good (easy) recipe?


gwen said...

I haven't found one yet in Saudi.....and finding sausage (of ANY kind) is definately out of the question; so don't be feeling too sorry for yourself! Luckyyyyyy

gwen said...

I WANT ONE! haha, i love you ivy go read my new blog! its on moms, so yeah, i am going to keep it posted and stuff, i miss you come visit us! xoxox -whit