Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Busy Summer!

I have two suitcases at home that need to be unpacked so I can repack one of them for another trip on Friday!

Calder's sister Becca got married on June 27th in Las Vegas. It was such a fun wedding! Me and Calder both got in pretty late Friday night and Saturday was busy busy. Calder left Sunday morning so we didn't get to see much of each other at all :( I stayed a few days after to hang out with Mom Mary and go shopping for maternity clothes! It was such a fun trip - I didn't carry my camera around so I'm stealing pictures from other blogs and facebook (sorry and thanks!)

And the dance...

I got back home on Tuesday night, repacked Wednesday and flew to Louisiana Thursday after work. I hadn't been back in a YEAR so it was super fun to see everyone and go to the civic center to listen to the band and watch fireworks. Again, I didn't carry around my camera but here are some pictures from my mom.

She bought 9 flavors of bluebell ice cream and two bags of zapps cajun crawtator potato chips! Yum! I also ate at Casa Manana (which wasn't really as good as I remembered but it's a classic) and steamboat bills (where I ordered and ate gumbo, boudin balls, pistolette, and a fried shrimp dinner).

Sometime between Vegas and Louisiana the baby started growing and I got a cute baby bump! I think it looks way bigger in real life.

I got back Sunday night and went back to work on Monday. Both Monday and yesterday I fell asleep as soon as I got home so I haven't even started cleaning/washing clothes/packing to go to Delaware this weekend. I did realized that all the food in my apartment was rotten. Bread was moldy, milk was way expired, vegetables were gross, and I had nothing to eat. Calder called and woke me up around 8:10 and I made a mad dash to Costco for a salad last night.

Calder's last day is July 24th - it's gone by so fast! I can't wait to have him around to help me start cleaning out the baby's room. I married a major pack rat and tons of junk doesn't mix well with a 700 square foot apartment AND a baby. I am determined that this kiddo will have a cute real room and not share with piles of junk. Calder doesn't agree. We'll see how that goes.

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The Mabiles said...

Yay! It IS a cute baby bump! I didn't get one until way later. I just looked chubby until 5-6 months and then I turned into a whale, lol. Are you going to find out the gender?