Sunday, July 19, 2009

One last weekend trip...

Last weekend I went to Delaware to visit Calder for the last time before he comes home! I got there Friday evening and we had all of the other summer associates over for a barbecue that night. It was so fun to meet all the people that he's worked with all summer.

The next morning we slept in and then headed out for a fun filled Saturday with Calder's high school friend Molly, who lives in Philadelphia. We met for lunch at Marathon on the Square and I had some really delicious blueberry pancakes.

We walked over to the Museum and walked around. Super fun. Crazy what some people consider to be art. I liked a lot of it (the real art that is). Lots of walking. Here we are at the top of the steps.

I wanted to see the historic Philadelphia stuff so we took a cap over to that area. Most of the sites were closed but we did get to see the Liberty Bell!

and... I think it was Ben Franklin's house. There's nothing there now, they have areas where it's dug out like an archeology thing, then big frames of where the house was.

We walked a few blocks to an awesome ice cream place called Franklin's Fountain. Wow. Holy Guacamole it was delicious.

Next, I think, after sitting and chatting for a loong time, we walked. and walked. To eat dinner. The first place we wanted to go didn't have a table available until like... 9:45. No thank you. I don't remember where we went but it was delicious. After dinner we got gelato (lots of eating this day) and headed back to the car.

This is what we found.

Our car was on the right side (which was filled with cars when we got there). Gone. Towed. Very Expensive. HUGE waste of money.

By the end of the day my feet were puffy and tired but we had a great time! Thanks Molly for showing us around!

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gwen said...

You're Saudi bag looks good on you! Whitney is still jealous that it's not hers....