Saturday, May 8, 2010

4 Months Old!

Head: 16” (38%)

Weight: 16# 2oz (92%)

Height: 24 ¾” (66%)

She’s always making silly faces – her favorite is sucking in her bottom lip. She can copy faces too – we’ll both stick our tongues out and she gets so happy!

May 8

She loves toys now and we don’t leave home without making sure we have some with us. She’s learned to bring everything she can reach to her mouth. One of her favorite things is the washcloth when I’m bathing her – which is fine unless I just used it to clean her bottom – GROSS!

May 82

She’s so cute to play with (when she’s in the mood for playing). She seems to sense that something is a little ‘off’ with us packing up all our stuff and she isn’t thrilled about it.  She still likes to be swung around and thrown in the air. I got her a little jumping thing to put in the doorway – she hasn’t really gotten it yet but I think she’ll love it when she figures it out.

May 83

And she’s learning to sit up! She can stay up for a few seconds before she either faceplants or tips over. She has fun until she plops over on her nose – she HATES when that happens!

May 84

At four months:

  • Goes to sleep around 8:30. Sometimes she’ll still wake up a time or two before we go to bed (she hates to be left out) but will usually go back to sleep relatively easily. She' still wakes up to eat at night, then will sleep until 8ish.
  • Still struggles with naps but they are getting more regular. Every two hours she needs one but often only sleeps for 20 minutes. And she only takes naps in her swing – something we’re going to work on once we get settled in Vegas.
  • She likes to be outside.
  • She is starting to giggle, just a little.
  • Her hair is still CRAZY. It’s so fine that it falls back when she sleeps so it’s all sticking straight up when I get her in the morning.
  • She gets frustrated on her jungle playmat because she can’t get the toys down.
  • She babbles for minutes at a time. She has lots of stories to tell!
  • Reaches for our food when we try to eat. I don’t know how she knows what’s going on but she sure seems to. I think we’re going to start with some rice cereal once we get to Vegas.
  • She’s so social. Even when she’s in a terrible mood for us she gets so happy and smiley with strangers. It makes it hard for us to talk about her being cranky! Everyone says “your mommy says you cry a lot but it sure doesn’t look like it!”
  • She loves to look in the mirror and especially at other babies.
  • I call her ‘Silly Bee’ and Calder calls her ‘Bucket’ We don’t know why.
  • Sometimes she’ll cry until I pass her to Calder, then she’ll look back and smile. A few minutes later she’ll do the same thing to get back to me.
  • After her doctor appointment we started her on medicine for reflux. It seems to be helping, she’s been much happier.
  • She kicks herself around in her bed so her head and shoulders are up against the edge. One day she had turned around so her head was on the other side than it was when we put her down.


Christa said...

So I know I used to make fun of people who reacted to babies like this, but.... CUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!!

Seriously. Your genes combined pretty spectacularly to produce a beautiful daughter!

gwen said...

Look at her sitting up at four months....what a big girl!!!