Thursday, May 27, 2010

Moving Days

For anyone who wasn't aware - we're now in Las Vegas, Nevada! The move was WAY easier than we had expected. I started packing up boxes a long time ago and really never felt overwhelmed about it at all. It definitely helped that Calder's parents came for graduation and were a huge help packing and playing with Piper. We used Movex so we basically loaded up the truck in Minneapolis and unloaded it in Vegas.  The driver even stayed with the truck while we loaded up so he could help arrange things. We also had some great friends to help us load up (and they each left with a load of food and stuff we weren't going to take with us). I wish I would have taken some pictures of our sad little empty apartment but I forgot :(
I flew with Piper and Mary (because if we drove we'd probably still be on the road - little miss doesn't like her carseat very much). I'd never done first class before but HOLY COW I don't know if I'll ever be able to fly like a regular person again. The food was delicious and it was so comfy I felt like I was sitting in my living room. Even with a wiggly baby I didn't feel squished even once.
Calder and Ric drove our car. They left Sunday morning and got here Monday night way earlier than we had expected. They listened to audiobooks the whole way!

The truck and all our stuff got here Thursday. It didn't take long at all to unload all the stuff to the garage and send the driver on his way. We also had some great family and friends to help us unload.
We're living with Calder's parents for the summer until I find somewhere else. This worked out well especially since I didn't have any time to come down and look for a place to live. And since Calder doesn't start working until August.

Piper's had a blast meeting all of her extended family. Here she is with her Aunt Becca and Uncle Davis, Great Grandpa Jack, Lexi and Aunt Becca again.
And on another completely unrelated topic - how ADORABLE is this dress!?!? It had matching shoes and headbands (that don't quite fit yet but luckily we had something else that looked perfect!) She sure did get a lot of attention at Sam's Club yesterday!


Mayce and Ethan said...

Cute, Cute, Cute but these pictures are just making me jealous that everyone has met Piper but me :( Only 3 more days though

gwen said... should send that pic of Piper in the dress to Donna and Leanne on facebook!! SOOOO cute!! I love all the pictures. That puppy will probably want to just stay out of her way. haha

vocalise said...

She is sooo cute. Really. We are very happy about the graduation. Hope you both feel like you've accomplished tons. Because, you have! I remember when Chase was born...the first thing Grandpa Dale said to me on the phone was " ya feel like you accomplished something?"

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