Monday, June 7, 2010

5 Months!

June 7

Miss Piper has gotten so big and her little personality is starting to really shine through.

  • She is so DETERMINED. She’ll see something across the room and want it so bad. She’ll try so hard.., but can’t get anywhere yet. This little lady is ready to move!
  • She loves to EXPLORE. When I give her a bath she’s always trying to dive over the sides of the baby tub to get to the shampoo/soap/whatever she can see. She wants to grab and figure it out.
  • She is HAPPY. (well, sometimes, and way happier than she’s ever been before). She gets so excited and squeals with delight. She has a cute little giggle and is so fun to play with.
  • She is FOCUSED. She’ll sit with the same thing for a long time trying to figure it out. Her favorites are water bottles and spoons.
  • She is LOVED. She is getting used to having so many family members around to give her attention. It’s going to be rough on this little one when we move to our own place and she' doesn’t have so many people to play with all the time.
  • She SLEEPS! For the first time ever Piper is sleeping good at night and taking long naps. She can even put herself to sleep in less than 10 minutes. We love this!
  • She is HUNGRY. We started giving her some baby food but she’s not really into it. Every time we sit down to dinner or go to a restaurant she gets so mad as soon as the food comes out. She just wants big people food!
  • She GIGGLES. It’s adorable.
  • She had ALLERGIES. Last week we broke out in hives. It was so sad – I’m not sure what caused it but think it might be citrus. She’s all better now.
  • She is STRONG. She can sit up all by herself now. She can really put up a fight to get something she wants (phones, food, hair). She weights 18 pounds!


We love our tiny Pip-face!


vocalise said...

Ivy....I am not just saying this. Piper is really really darling. I wish we had had the computer ability to keep such a wonderful record of our children growing up right from the moment they were born like you do. You are doing a great job.

Stephanie said...

Wow she is so big already! Though, then again my guy is almost 11 months - where does time go. Sounds like things are good for you in NV. We miss you guys, but we're glad to see times are good for you. (BTW - I'm pretty sure she outweighs Nathaniel now. We get weighed again tomorrow, so I can hope for 18 lbs, but don't think we'll make it there yet :( ).

Susan said...

She looks like a tropical baby in the desert!!!

gwen said...


jobin sen george said...

Nice baby...