Monday, May 19, 2008

Take Off Five!

After months of putting it off - I finally got my hair chopped off! It looks pretty much the same, just five inches shorter. I went in planning to just get it trimmed, but decided to just go for it. For your viewing pleasure...

Before - it was a spur of the moment decision, so I found a recent picture

After (this was taken just now, after it being in a ponytail for a few hours, so it is a lot cuter)

I'm excited to have hair short enough to do things with, the long hair looked blah all the time, and never ever stayed down more than a few hours before I stuck it back in an elastic.

I'm sure there will be a better picture later.

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be a saint said...

I'm glad you faired well at your event. You and Calder looked great. As I was clicking on your blog, I thought, "If she hasn't posted about the dinner, I'm going to comment her and tell her it is time." But, there it was. Super cute hair, too.