Saturday, May 8, 2010

We Love Our Moms!

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s so fun to think as we’re playing with Piper that not very long ago WE were the tiny babies and YOU were the excited new moms - someday Piper will be a mom and I’ll be the grandma! 


5 Things About My Mom (Ivy)

  1. She’s a great friend and loves to talk on the phone. When I was at BYU I’d call her everyday when I was walking back to my apartment and she’d always listen to me talk about my day.
  2. She loves to have people over for parties. Our home was always open to anyone who wanted to be there. We’d always have big Halloween Parties and Superbowl Parties. Somehow we always ended up with tons of people at our house. She taught seminary when I was in High School and she really seemed to enjoy having so many people feel comfortable being in our house every morning (even if she wished it wasn’t so early)
  3. She’s great about keeping in touch with old friends – and is a facebook and blog stalker! She’s always excited to reconnect with people from the past. She always knows what old friends are up to.
  4. After living in the same city for her whole life (minus a few years here and there) she up and moved to Saudi Arabia. Ok, maybe she was brought there against her will, but either way – left all her friends and family and the comforts of home to start over – and she’s loved it!
  5. She was so helpful when Piper was born. It was no nice to have someone here to show me how to be a mom. She showed me how to give the baby a bath and helped with the middle of the night stuff.


5 Things About My Mom (Calder)

  1. She’s wise.  Plain and simple, my mom is smart and can always help me figure things out.  Well, not regarding tech – but everything else.
  2. She knows the gospel.  This kind of falls under the prior but is so important that it supersedes the general.  Anytime I have a gospel question or idea, my mom has thought about it before and can discuss and help me find some new insight.
  3. She is kind.  I am not as aware about the importance of being kind as much as my mom is and she is always able to help me figure it out and help me be better.
  4. She is helpful.  I can’t wait for her to get her on Monday and help Ivy and I prepare to move.  She has also helped make the move easy for once we get back to Las Vegas. I can’t even begin to number the other things she helps with all of the time.
  5. She can do everything – even if she forgets soon thereafter.  I am always amazed by how much my mom has on her plate.  Sometimes she seemed busier with her varied activities than I was in law school – and I was at the law school almost 12 hours a day.

Thanks for everything Moms! We love you so much!


gwen said...

Awwww.....what a nice surprise! So sweet....even though you called me a stalker- haha. I prefer to look at it as I'm a "people person" and love reading about interesting families. Happy Mother's Day to you, too! And Piper will be the mom and you the grandma sooner than you can imagine~ so enjoy every moment!

Susan said...

What sweet thoughts to both your moms...Happy Mother's Day Ivy!

(fyi: I have a bit of a stalkerish persona too)

Grama Linda said...

What a beautiful tribute to your moms. They are both amazing women and I really look up to them.
We can't wait to meet Piper and for you guys to be in Vegas!
Love You!

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