Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fools Dinner

I was feeling a little creative yesterday and found some great April Fools ideas on the Family Fun Website. I decided to make some Colorful Cupcakes (meatloaf cooked in cupcake things with mashed potato frosting) and meatloaf that was actually chocolate rice crispy treats! I had a lot of fun making it all, but Calder wasn't fooled even for a second.

He took one look at the 'meatloaf' and told me that he was not eating rice crispy treats for dinner. Apparently the lack of meat juice on the plate was a dead giveaway.

"Ok babe, would you like a cupcake?" Only if it's made of meat he says. The cupcakes did throw him off a little. See, after I boiled the potatoes I realized we had no milk. I mixed some sour cream in the potatoes to make them somewhat creamy, but they had the consistancy of play-dough. He thought I had cooked play-dough as a trick! That wouldn't even be funny.

Anyway, it was a fun meal, I really enjoyed eating the meatloaf cupcakes.

On a not so happy note, the beautiful spring flowers that I bought a few days ago aren't doing so well. I think I jumped the gun a little with spring, and possibly they aren't getting enough sunlight. I also think I gave them a little too much water.

I think they'll be fine, it's supposed to warm up soon, so once that happens I'll stick them outside. That should make them happier.

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