Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday/Baptism Girls!

This was an exciting week for my primary class - two girls are having birthdays and another girl is getting baptized! To celebrate, we had a party for our activity this week. The girls love playing outside and since it's just now warming up, we played outside! Here are some pictures.
I made a crown cake and taught a quick lesson about being a Daughter of God. I don't think any of the girls heard a word of it, but I was pretty proud of my cake.

Here's the whole group!

What fun girls! I love working with them and seeing them learn and grow. It's a difficult age, and that makes class hard sometimes. They are all great girls and make such good choices. Happy Birthdays/Baptism!


Carolina girl said...

What a cute cake! You should be proud of it! I bet you are a great teacher and those girls just love you!

Gwen said...

What a fun cake! How did you do the shape of the cookies? They are all really cute girls. Next time you get in the picture with them. Love ya!

MaryRuth said...

So cute!!! You're going to be YW President before you know it!!!

They're lucky to have you!!