Sunday, April 13, 2008

So many blessings!

We have had a really great week. The highlight of it all - Calder found out Friday that he got the summer job here in Minnesota! He sent his resume to a ton of different places and only got one interview. It's at a small firm called Holstein Kremer that is located in one of the downtown towers - in the penthouse! If he had not gotten this job, he would have taken one in Vegas and stayed with his parents. I have a job here, and would risk losing my residency if I left, so I would have stayed here. We would have managed the summer apart, but boy am I glad we don't have to!

Second, as everyone probably already knows, Taylor arrived in France this week!

Here's a picture of him with his colleague Elder Clyde (they aren't called companions there - that would be taken to mean something else!) and his mission president and wife. For anyone who doesn't know, Taylor is the second from the left. I'm so excited for him and thankful for his example for the rest of our family. I know he'll have many great experiences in France, and I'm excited to hear from him. His p-day is on Tuesday, so we should get the family email then.

Another great thing that happened this week, didn't actually happen this week. A few weeks ago we got a call from the temple asking us to come in and meet with the temple president. He asked us if we would be able to be temple workers! Since Minneapolis doesn't have much a retired community, they rely on a lot of young couples who don't have families yet to work. We weren't able to give him an answer at that time, since we weren't sure Calder would be here over the summer. Now that Calder got the job offer, we know for sure we will be able to do it. We are required to do at least 2 shifts each month, and with Calder's limited time, we probably won't get more than that in. I'm really excited for the opportunity and know that we'll both learn a lot.


Gwen said...

What a great post! I forgot about the third blessing- that will be awesome.

be a saint said...

How wonderful. Everything is working out beautifully. Another blessing, hopefully, is that it is spring. Or do you feel it, yet?

Laughlin Family said...

Ivy, that is so great. What an opportunity. You are so blessed, and smart for making good choices. GOOD FOR YOU!

Laurie Huish said...

That is awesome about ya'll working in the temple together! What a blessing. And Congratulations on Calder getting a Job in Minnesota!

Laurie Huish said...

Also I wanted to say how much I love that picture of you sitting by your stove. I think it every time I check out your Blog and have been meaning to tell you for awhile.

MaryRuth said...

Yay! I'm so excited you have a blog!!!

COngrats on Calder's job and working in the temple... that's SO exciting!!!

Love you!

Annalise said...

We are so excited for you guys! Working at the temple will be such an awesome experiance and really fun to do while your first married. Congrats on Calder's internship too. We know how big a deal those are.
Sam and Annalise
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