Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Spring!

There's so much I've been meaning to blog about - I just haven't gotten around to it.

Last Sunday we had stake conference. We actually had Elder Bednar come and speak as well as a member of the 70 (ok, so it's been 4 days and I forgot the name). We got there about 30 minutes early hoping to get a good seat, but it was pretty full by the time I got there. Towards the back I saw two of the girls in my primary class whose families were sitting together, so we sat with them. I kind of wanted to sit further up but decided it would mean more to the girls to have me sit with them than for me to be 15 rows closer.

Our stake president gave an excellent talk about how God is a 'fourth watch God' - how it's not until we have struggled and can't endure any long that he comes and helps. He gave some examples from the scriptures, and it made me realize that if it is the fact that God lets us struggle and suffer for as long as we can endure that allows me to feel the strength of his love when I am miraculously rescued from whatever trial it may be.

After he spoke, some people bore their testimonies. My favorite was that of a man who had recently joined the church. He was talking about how the gospel has changed his family, and he told a story about his 3 year old daughter. She was being a 3 year old and he was at a point where he didn't know what to do and she was driving him nuts. Finally he asked her - what can I do to help you, since I don't know. She responded by asking him to give her a blessing. I love how in the church children are taught as such a young age the things they can turn to when they are having a hard time. Sometimes children's problems seem so silly and small to adults, when to the child it really is a big deal. I love that children are taught that Heavenly Father loves them and cares about every problem they have, no matter how small or silly.

Follow that and a few other testimonies, the next guy spoke. The one whose name I forgot. I don't remember much of what he spoke about. I remember him telling stories, about his dad dying, then his grandson being born on the one year anniversary of his dad's death. He talked about how on that day as they were welcoming the new baby into the family, he imagined his dad standing with Jesus and them both kissing the baby goodbye and sending him to Earth. It was a great talk and focused on the amazing love Heavenly Father has for each of us.

Elder Bednar was the concluding speaker. He spoke about how when we have trials that are too much for us to bear, the Lord helps us, not by taking away or lessen our burdens, but by making us stronger and more able to bear them, so that they seem less.

The entire meeting was very inspiring and the spirit was strong throughout the entire time. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn.

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